Be part of the largest conference on digital fabrication in the world.

Join us in Montréal, Canada, for the annual meeting of the international Fab Lab network!

Join world-class panelists, members of the Fab Lab community, makers from all over the world and professionals from all kinds of fields in the 16th annual Fab Lab Conference and the Fab Festival in Montréal, Canada, from July 27 to August 2, combined with the Fab City Summit, from 31 July to 2 August. Attend world-class panels, demos, workshops, discussions and lab presentations from representatives from all over the globe!

A preview of the upcoming program:

Conference on the state of the Fab Labs network and the impacts of the Fab Labs movement.
Prospective conferences

  • Latest digital manufacturing and machining methods
  • Innovative approaches at the level of materials and matter
  • Speakers and panelists on the theme and topics of the FAB16
Hands-on and theoretical workshops
Working groups
  • Academany Instructors
  • Assistive technologies
  • Humanitarian Lab
  • Scopes
  • Regional Networks
  • STEAM Education
  • Fab Labs with impact
  • Fab Kids
Research presentations
Networking highlights
The Academany graduation ceremony
The “7th Digital Fashion and Wearables” exhibition
A SuperFabLab
A vast space equipped with all the equipment of a Fab Lab (and much more)
Mobile Fab Labs

Fab Festival - August 1st and 2nd

The Fab Festival is a weekend event that follows the structure of the main event, but with activities, adapted for the general public and children, offered by Fab Labs around the world.
  • Interactive fair of inspiring projects
  • Conferences
  • Demonstrations

Detailed schedule coming soon!

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